MICEFA COVID Information

Please consult this page often for up to date information about COVID response in France.  You may download a PDF version of this information below.

Mandatory Quarantine Information

On October 28th 2020, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron indicated that the epidemic in France is starting its second wave here in France and across Europe.  In response to the increased number of cases of COVID in France, the government has put the following measures in place:

  • Mandatory nation-wide quarantine at home from October 30th through December 1st 2020
    • Residents may leave their homes to go to work (when work from home is not possible, to attend medical or administrative appointments, to do necessary essential shopping, or to take a short walk in the proximity of their home, parks and gardens will stay open)
  • Closure of all non-essential businesses (bars, restaurants, museums, theaters etc.)
  • Closure of all universities (courses will now be held virtually, certain practical courses and exams that cannot be held remotely will be authorized to continue in person on campus)
  • Restriction of travel to the strict necessary (business trips, etc.)

The French government will decide periodically over the next month which measures can be relaxed and which measures will be reinforced depending on the evolution of the COVID 19 epidemic in France.

COVID Related Health Services in France

  • Disposable and reusable masks are widely available for purchase through Paris.
  • Disinfectant gel is available for purchase in pharmacies and grocery stores.
  • RT-PCR and Immunity Tests are available at various locations in Paris without a perscription.
  • The French government has developed a voluntary STOP COVID tracking app.

Information on International Mobility

At this time students may still request visas and come to France to study on an exchange program.


All students must be able to present the following paperwork at their departure airport:

Additional Ressources

This guide reflects information put forth by the French Health Ministry and APUAF – 10/29/2020