Timeline & Procedures

There are many steps involved to making your exchange happen even before you arrive in Paris.  You will find below a step-by-step timeline to help guide you through the steps to getting to Paris!


Nomination by your University's International Office

All students must apply through their international or study abroad office, no direct applications are accepted.



Reception of Acceptance Materials

MICEFA creates your acceptance materials and sends them to your home university’s international office who distributes them to you! Once you receive these materials you my start your visa and book your plane tickets!


Start the visa process, visit the Visa Information page for details!

Purchase your plane tickets!


Take the Online Placement Test

Information about this test is found in your acceptance materials, you will also be contacted via email with instructions about the test.


Pay for your mandatory French language and culture intensive session and reserve your temporary housing.


Skype Interview with MICEFA Staff

It is important to download Skype and check your email as you will be contacted to have a MICEFA staff member to talk about your Exchange in French and English.  Check out the “Prepare My Arrival” page for more info.


Notify MICEFA of your travel plans for Paris using our online form.


Arrival in Paris!

Welcome to Paris, leave the US or Canada on the 2nd of January to arrive on the 3rd of January in order to be ready to start the mandatory intensive program on the 4th of January!



Oral Placement Test On Site

To complete the assessment of your level in French, in addition to the placement test you took online, you will have an oral exam upon arrival with the Academic team.  



Start Your Program!

Attend your intensive French language and culture sessions as well as various workshops to help you get settled.  You have made it!  Paris awaits!