The MICEFA Experience

My experience with MICEFA was nothing but perfect. Regardless of my ability of speaking the language, moving to Paris was still nerve-wracking. I didn’t know what to expect, specifically where I would live, and what classes would be like. With MICEFA I was reassured of my ability to complete the daunting classes at Paris-Sorbonne and was helped to find this cute, typical Parisian apartment in the 5th, right on rue Mouffetard! The office was also a great refuge to stop by and chat, print off documents, or vent about the new experiences that one inevitably faces. Studying in Paris was a dream, it really lives up to every good stereotype one hears and MICEFA was the perfect group to help me as a Canadian not only find my feet in France, but also continue on with a successful term
Joshua Brand
University of Saskatchewan Spring 2017
I lived in the CROUS Résidence Lepaute. It perfect place to practice French and get a glimpse into the life of what real French students do. I, myself, never speak english here. The other students are friendly, helpful and inclusive. The room has everything you need: kitchen, bathroom, desk... It is a dorm so you do have to pay for furnishings such as pots, pans, cover for bed, trashcans, etc. (the basic furniture is provided). The neighborhood is on the very edge of Paris, the area is very modern. It is a lot like America so if you need help adapting, it is a good place to go. It takes a little longer to metro places since you are further, but there are many lines here. It is nice because it is not nearly as crowded as the city.
Jessie R.
CSU Long Beach 2017
Many of the students at MICEFA enjoy being a part of this great association. They organize activities and excursions for international students living in Paris. They recently sat down with a selection of MICEFA students to talk about their experiences as international students in the city of lights! Check out their facebook for more information!
EIAP Association
International Student Association