Universités en Ile de France

Université de Paris VI – Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)


University Information

Location: 5eme arrondissement, Paris
Founded: 1971
Students: 33 700
Campus Type: Urban
Institution Type: Public Research University 
Website: www.upmc.fr

About the University

UPMC represents French excellence in science and medicine. A direct descendant of the historic Sorbonne, UPMC is  the top French university by the Shanghai world rankings, 7th in Europe and 36th in the world. UPMC encompasses all major sciences, such as mathematics (5th in the world); chemistry; physics; electronics; computer science; mechanics; Earth, marine and environmental sciences; life sciences; and medicine.

With 8,500 publications per year, approximately 11% of the national production, UPMC is a major player in the international knowledge and innovation economy, as shown by its many international awards. The University has more than 3,750 researchers and professor-researchers in 100 laboratories  and an additional 2,800 researchers working as partners from four French national research organizations: the CNRS (science), Inserm (health and medical), the IRD (development) and Inria (computing and automation). UPMC files more than 20 patents each year and has cooperation agreements with prestigious universities worldwide. Its partnerships with major French and international research organizations and participation in various international networks are testament to the University’s international involvement.

The largest scientific and medical education center in France, UPMC offers its 34,000 students (of which 20 percent are foreign) a demanding and diverse curriculum organized into 10 bachelor programs, 11 master’s degrees and 16 doctoral schools and France’s largest library center. UPMC promotes study abroad programs as a valuable educational and cultural asset through its four international bachelor’s, 16 international master’s and four international doctorates in partnership with universities worldwide.

-Excerpt from UPMC’s website.

The University is divided into the following faculties and institutes:

  • Faculté de médecine Pierre-et-Marie-Curie
  • Faculté de chimie
  • Faculté d’ingénierie
  • Faculté de mathématiques Pierre-et-Marie-Curie
  • Faculté de physique Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Faculté de biologie
  • Faculté Terre Environnement et Biodiversité
  • Institut des systèmes intelligents et de robotique
  • École polytechnique universitaire Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Observatoire Institut d’astrophysique de Paris
  • Observatoire océanologique de Roscoff
  • Observatoire océanologique de Banyuls
  • Observatoire océanologique de Villefranche-sur-Mer
  • Institut de statistique de l’université de Paris
  • Institut Henri-Poincaré

Getting There

UPMC is located in the 5th arrondissement at the heart of Paris near to the Sorbonne.  The university is conveniently located on public transportation lines:

  • Metro line 7 and 10: Station: Jussieu 
  • Bus 24, 63 and 89 Stop: Université Paris VI

Français Langue Etrangère

UPMC does not have an extensive French as a foreign language program.  If you wish to go to Paris VI, it is necessary to have at least a B2 level in France.