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Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7


University Information

Location: 13eme arrondissement, Paris
Founded: 1971
Students: 25 000
Campus Type: Urban
Institution Type: Public University 
Website: www.univ-paris-diderot.fr

About the University

Paris Diderot University, also known as Paris 7, is a French university located in Paris, France.

It was one of the heirs of the University of Paris, which ceased to exist in 1970. Professors from the faculties of Science, of Medicine and of Humanities chose then to create a new multidisciplinary university. It adopted its current name, referring to the French philosopher, art critic and writer Denis Diderot, in 1994.

Featuring two Nobel Prize laureates, two Fields Medal winners and two former French Ministers of Education among its faculty or former faculty, the university is famous for its teaching in science, especially in mathematics. Indeed, many fundamental results of the theory of Probability have been discovered at one of its research centers, the Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires (Laboratory of Probability and Random Models). The university is also known for its teaching in psychology, which adopts a specific approach drawing from both the domains of psychopathology and psychoanalysis.

The university also hosts many others disciplines: currently, there are 2300 educators and researchers, 1100 administrative personnel and 26,000 students studying humanities, science, and medicine.

Paris Diderot University is a founding member of the higher education and research alliance Sorbonne Paris Cité which is a Public Institution for Scientific Cooperation bringing together four renowned Parisian universities and four higher education and research institutes.

The University is divided into the following institutes:

  • UFR of Life Sciences
  • UFR of Chemistry
  • UFR of Computer Sciences
  • UFR of Mathematics
  • UFR of Physics
  • UFR of Science of the Earth, Environment and Planets
  • UFR of English studies
  • UFR of Cross-cultural and Applied Languages studies
  • UFR of Geography, History and Social sciences
  • UFR of Languages and Cultures in East Asia studies (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese)
  • UFR of Letters, Art and Cinema
  • UFR of Linguistics
  • UFR of Psychoanalytical Studies (formerly Human clinical sciences)
  • UFR of Social Sciences
  • UFR of Medicine
  • UFR of Odontology

Getting There

Paris Diderot is located in the center of Paris on the Seine River The university is conveniently located on public transportation lines:

  • RER C: Station François-Mitterand 
  • Bus 325 Stop: Thomas Mann
  • Bus 132 Stop: Bibliothèque François-Mitterand 
  • Bus 62 or 89 Stop: Bibliothèque Rue Mann

Français Langue Etrangère

Diderot allows students to take 2 classes in French as a foreign language.  They have an extensive FLE department.  This is a great choice for students working both on French and on other subjects.