The Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination des Echanges Franco-Américains (MICEFA) is a non-profit association created in 1985.  It brings together 18 member universities in Paris and the Ile de France region and over 65 North American partner universities in both the United States and Canada. 

This organization promotes cultural and scientific cooperation between France and Anglophone North America.  We work with universities and their students to facilitate the exchange of students and the promotion of education abroad. 

Meet the MICEFA Team

In the office

Camille Buguet

Program Assistant

Camille Buguet obtained her undergraduate degree in Applied Foreign Languages from the University of Paris-Est Créteil. Fluent in English and Spanish, she enjoys traveling and exploring diverse cultures worldwide.

Dr. Jean Fournier

Executive Director

Jean Fournier is an Associate Professor at Université Paris
Nanterre. He assists students in adjusting to the French system, and advises them in their academic choices.

Annika Godefroy

Director of Exchanges

Annika Godefroy joined the MICEFA team in May of 2017 and has been working in study abroad for a decade.  She has an undergraduate degree in French and International Studies and a Master’s degree in Conflict and Mediation studies.  She studied abroad herself in Angers, France during her undergraduate degree and fell in love with France and international education.

Rebecca Procak

Director of Student Affairs

Rebecca Procak has worked in the international education field for over a decade.  She comes to the MICEFA after working for 9 years with another study abroad group in Paris.  Rebecca majored in French during her undergraduate degree and is passionate about helping students adapt to their exchange in Paris.

Dr. Katia Hercberg

Course Manager

Katia Hercberg has been working with MICEFA since 2009.  She organizes all of the French intensive sessions and activites, helps to guide students in their academics and provides academic tutoring and assistance.  Katia obtained her PhD from Paris Descartes Sorbonne in Linguistics. 

Generation 250

Sophie Eustache

Partnerships manager

Sophie Eustache has been working with MICEFA since February 2024, on the implementation of Generation 250 with French and American universities. 
Sophie graduated in political science and international cooperation, with a double degree from Sciences Po Bordeaux and the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica.

MICEFA is implementing the Generation 250 program, a new scholarship program initiated by the U.S. Embassy in France. It will allow 250 French undergraduate students to study in an American institution for one semester, starting Fall 2026. 

These students will embody the social, geographic and cultural diversity of France. Coming from various backgrounds and fields of study from both mainland France and the French overseas territories, they will attend diverse institutions across the U.S., engage with American students and become ambassadors of a new generation dedicated to keeping the Franco-American friendship vibrant and dynamic. 

Members of the board

Dr. Jacques Pothier


Professor Pothier was elected president of MICEFA in 2014.  He previously joined the board of MICEFA in 2004 as its Secretary General.  He comes to MICEFA as a professor in English studies, specializing in American Studies at the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin and Sciences Po St Germain en Laye.  Professor Pothier is a deputy director of the doctoral school in Humanities and Social Sciences at Université Paris-Saclay and serves on the advisory board of the Institut des Amériques. He has served on the board of the French Association for American Studies, the European Association for American Studies.

Dr. Anne Masgnaux


Mrs. Masgnaux was elected treasurer of MICEFA in 2017.  She is Maître de conférence in the Management Sciences in the School of Management at Paris I-Sorbonne Panthéon.  She comes to MICEFA after a long career in management in the French Aviation sector.  She obtained her doctorate from IAE Caen in Management Science.  

Dr. Yvonne-Marie Rogez

Secretary General

Yvonne-Marie Rogez is a senior lecturer at Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, where she mainly teaches legal English to Master’s students. She also teaches English for international research to PhD students and applied English to students in information-communication. She is a of policy officer in charge international attractivity, promotion and course content and works with the International Affairs Vice-President of the University. She passed the agrégation in English and is a member of the CERSA – UMR 7106 research laboratory. Her research activities focus on the study of margins and marginalization in the USA, more particularly homelessness and marginalized women.

Her recent publications include: No Country for Old Men, Roman de Cormac McCarthy (2005), Film de Ethan et Joel Cohen
(2007), sous la direction de Julie Assouly et Yvonne-Marie Rogez, Agrégation Anglais, Ellipses,
2021 ; « La fin du droit constitutionnel à l’avortement aux USA : comprendre le renversement des arrêts Roe et Casey » (The End of the Constitutional Right to Abortion:
Understanding the Reversal of Roe and Casey), Revue de droit sanitaire et social, Dalloz, septembre-octobre 2022, p. 858-68 et “Policing and Surveillance of the Margins: The
Challenges of Homelessness in California”, Eds. Brunon-Ernst et al., Law, Surveillance and the Humanities, Edinburgh University Press, avril 2023.

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