Health & Wellness
at the MICEFA

Take charge of your health & wellness during your program abroad.  The MICEFA is here to support and guide you to have a healthy and fulfilling experience in Paris.


Thinking about your health & wellness while abroad is an important step to preparing your international experience.  Your health & wellness can have a measurable impact on your experience abroad in terms of student success, cultural adaptation and overall wellbeing.  Students who struggle with their health abroad can become isolated from the local community, miss classes and activities and even miss out on a positive abroad experience.  At the MICEFA, we believe that students should prepare for their health abroad prior to arrival, should continue to evaluate themselves during their time abroad, and be mindful of their health after returning home.  

Check out the three slides below which will guide you through the three stages of health & wellness planning at the MICEFA.

Key Takeaways