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CUNY Baruch College


University Information

Location: Manhattan, New York
Founded: 1968
Undergraduate Students: 13 777
Campus Type: Urban
Institution Type: Public university 
Website: www.baruch.cuny.edu

About the University

Baruch College is ranked among the region’s and nation’s top colleges by U.S. News & World ReportForbesPrinceton Review, and others. Our campus is within easy reach of Wall Street, Midtown, and the global headquarters of major companies and non-profit and cultural organizations, giving students unparalleled internship, career, and networking opportunities. The College’s more than 18,000 students, who speak more than 110 languages and trace their heritage to more than 170 countries, have been repeatedly named one of the most ethnically diverse student bodies in the United States.

Baruch College is increasingly recognized for supporting the social mobility of students from a wide range of cultural and economic backgrounds. For the second year in a row, CollegeNET’s annual Social Mobility Index ranked Baruch #1 out of more than 900 colleges nationally for “contributing in a responsible way to solving the dangerous problem of economic immobility.” The Education Trust recognized Baruch as a “standout institution” for graduating Pell Grant (low-income) students at a rate 18% higher than the national average. U.S. News & World Report also listed Baruch #2 in “Least Debt” in the North for students, and Washington Monthly ranked the College #8 in “Best Bang for the Buck” in the Northeast.

Baruch is divided into the following enters and institutes:

  • Baruch College Survey Research
  • CCI – Corporate Communication International
  • CUNY Institute for Demographic Research
  • Center for Educational Leadership
  • Center on Equality, Pluralism and Policy
  • Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Jewish Studies Center
  • Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute
  • New York Census Research Data Center
  • Center for Nonprofit Strategy and Management
  • Center for the Study of Business and Government (CSBG)
  • The Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute 
  • The STARR Career Development Center, 
  • Subotnick Financial Center: 
  • Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Computer Center for Visually Impaired People
  • Weissman Center for International Business
  • Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity

Excerpt from CUNY Baruch’s website.

TOEFL: 80/120

IELTS: 6,5

Health insurance is required of all full-time degree, resident, and international students with F1 and J1 visas.

Baurch does not sponsor its own particular health insurance.  You may visit their website for recommandations. 

Students may choose instead to subscribe to the insurance proposed by MICEFA, CHARTIS.  

Living on-campus: Baruch does not provide housing for exchange students visiting the university.

Off-campus Housing: You may choose to live off campus near the University, for ressources, contact your international student advisor.

The average budget per month is: $900+

In order to be accepted, students must prove financial resources of $13,500.00 per semester.