A New Scholarship Program

GENERATION 250 is an innovative exchange program with a long-term social impact.

Initiated by the Embassy of the United States of America in France, GENERATION 250 aims to award 250 scholarships to French undergraduate students reflecting cultural, social and geographical diversity.

It will be launched in 2026.



anniversary of the constitution




Partners schools & Universities IN FRANCE


Partners Universities from THE US

Celebrate 250 years of American Independence by empowering students, embracing diversity, and preserving democracy.​

 France’s contribution to the Founding of the United States is a fascinating story of diplomacy, adventure and transatlantic friendship. Marked by iconic figures and pivotal moments, it has profoundly shaped American history.

The celebrations of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence in 2026 will be an opportunity to reassert our cooperation and friendship.

Our mission is to support the future citizens and leaders of society by preserving our two countries’ shared history and respecting democratic values and freedom.


Fill a gap
& respond
to a need

Only 5.6% of French students abroad study in the US.

67.3% of low-income students lack the resources to study abroad, even with scholarships.

Empower undergraduates
with global mobility

by reinforcing transverse, interpersonal, linguistic, and professional skills.


a strong
alumni network

Following successful alumni network of major exchange programs initiated by the United States, we will work on establishing this new network starting in 2026!

​Support the most ambitious educational exchange program of the 21st century!

Join The Generation 250 Project

To our future university partners

In 2026, 250 French students will spend one fully-funded, fee-paying semester in an American college or university. 

Help to create a once in a lifetime opportunity for 250 carefully selected, driven and hardworking French students by welcoming them on your campus and offering them an impacting American student experience. 

From all over France and various fields of study, selected based on their motivation and academic level, these students will bring diversity, new ideas and a French je ne sais quoi to your campus! 

To our future donors and sponsors

Consider sponsoring or mentoring students to have your name associated with the program or a specific category of scholarships. This not only allows you to leave a lasting impact but also provides an opportunity to showcase your brand, logo, and image, amplifying your support and influence in both France and the United States.

Let’s discuss together how we can promote your organization, your needs and interest in support of this groundbreaking initiative that celebrates 250 years of friendship.

Our mission is to support the next generation of transatlantic leaders by preserving French and U.S. shared history and friendship


The Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination des Échanges Franco-Américains (MICEFA) is a non-profit association established in 1985. 

As part of its mission to promote cultural and scientific cooperation between France and the United States, MICEFA facilitates student exchanges, promotes education abroad, and is implementing Generation 250, thus allowing 250 French undergraduate students to study at a U.S. institution for one semester, beginning in the Fall of 2026.
These students will embody the social, geographic, and cultural diversity of France. Coming from various backgrounds and fields of study from both mainland France and the French overseas territories, they will attend diverse institutions across the U.S., engage with American students, and become ambassadors of a new generation dedicated to keeping Franco-American friendship vibrant and dynamic.



Michael Turner
Cultural Counselor
U.S. Embassy France

Fabienne Mollé
Director of Development Generation 250


Jean Fournier
Executive Director

Sophie Eustache
Partnership Manager