La Petite Galerie de la MICEFA

When students are abroad, they do so much more than just their classes.  Welcome to the MICEFA gallery that exposes the art and creativity of our students while abroad.

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Kristöf Beneres

Kris is a CSU Fresno student currently studying at Paris 7.  He is an artist who focuses on the ever changing thought processes that each and every human goes through. It is his goal to capture these random thoughts and conceptualize them into reality. His mediums include digital, acrylic, pen/pencil, and charcoal. “My mind will forever be swirling between what is, what was, and what could be. We all possess this unique ability to live, relive, and imagine something new. It’s these uniquely human thoughts that provoke me to work, that fuel my creative mind.

Kasey Bruce

Kasey is a SFSU student studying at Paris 8 for the year.  During his time here, he as created a video series on the districts of Paris.  Each of his videos explores one of the famous Parisian neighborhoods, gives you the history, and what to do.  Kasey is studying to work in Film and has created many film projects.  Don’t forget to check out his other videos!