Medical & Public Health Summer Program

Public Health and Medicine: The French Model

This intensive Summer program in Paris is open to both Undergraduate and Master’s students interested in doing a comparative study of the North American and French models.  This program is open to all majors but will be of particular interest to students in the areas of pre-med, pre-nursing, public health, health science and social work.

Program Dates:

June 1st, 2024 to June 30th, 2024

This would mean departure from North America on Friday May 31st in order to arrive in Paris on Saturday the 1st between 11 am and 4 pm.

Earn 4 university credits*

Course modules will focus on various aspects of public health practices such as Healthcare and Poverty, Woman and Children’s Health, Emergency Medicine, Mental Health, HIV and STDs and more. Each module will be complimented with lectures and visits to local hospitals and health-related organizations such as OECD, médecins du monde, Pasteur Institute.  Download the syllabus.

Classes and visits with specialists in the field

This year’s program is presented by Melissa Kenzig DrPH, MSP, CHES, CPH who has nearly 20 years of experience in the public health and higher education fields.  Dr. Kenzig got her Master’s of science in Public Health at the University of South Carolina and then continued onto Columbia University of her doctoral degree.  She is passionate about the field and is excited to share nuances of the French system. 

Housing in the center of Paris

Students will stay in the historic Foyer International des Etudiants in the 5th arrondissement just across from the Jardin de Luxembourg.  The FIE was founded in 1906 and was the first student foyer open in the famous Latin Quarter of Paris.  Students will stay in shared dormitories and have access to common rooms and a roof-top terrace.

Take a look at our program calendar for the past 2023 session!

Students on excursion during the 2023 program
I really enjoyed this program! The visits and tours especially really allowed me to shape a good understanding of the healthcare system in France, and has influenced my perception of medical care as I come back home to the US. The class was more casual and discussed-based, which allowed interesting dialogues about individual experiences in health care systems in different countries. I thought the program was structured enough to keep us busy and engaged, but still allowed plenty of time to explore the beautiful city of Paris!
June 2023
This program was AMAZING!!!! It was truly everything I imagined it would be and I learned so so much from my classmates, Dr.Kenzig, and Annika and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to come on this trip! Everyone was so friendly and Annika was honestly one of the funniest people I have met and she made me feel so safe and comfortable on the trip! I would recommend this program to ANYONE and I am so so happy I participated! I loved France so much that I might just have to move there one day!!
June 2023

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Program Payment Options

Down Payment 900€00

Final Payment 1550€00