Universities in New Mexico

New Mexico State University


University Information

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Founded: 1888
Undergraduate Students: 25 300
Campus Type: Urban
Institution Type: Public state university
Website: www.nmsu.edu

About the University

New Mexico State University at Las Cruces (officially New Mexico State University, although also commonly referred to as NMSU-Las Cruces, NMSU, or NM State), is a major land-grant university in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the economic and geographic center of the fertile Mesilla Valley, which is the agricultural region on the flood plain of the Rio Grande which extends from Hatch, New Mexico to the west side of El Paso, Texas. The majestic Organ Mountains, ten miles (16 km) to the east, are dominant in the city’s landscape, along with the Doña Ana Mountains, Robledo Mountains, and Picacho Peak.

NMSU is a NASA Space Grant College, a Hispanic-serving institution and is home to the only Honors College in New Mexico. It is a member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. Our undergraduate population is 24 percent Hispanic; other minorities that make up the student body include American Indians, Asians and African-Americans. Historically, NMSU has supported minorities in their academic goals—in fact, we admitted an African-American woman in 1928, well ahead of most other institutions of higher education.

New Mexico State University offers a wide variety of programs through the colleges: Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering, Extended Learning and Health and Social Services. The 21 doctoral programs are limited primarily to agriculture, education, engineering, and the sciences.

TOEFL: 80/120

IELTS: 5,0

NMSU requires all J-1 students and their dependents to have medical health insurance.  Failure to have this insurance will result in not being able to register and possibly in falling out of visa status.

Please read this important memo regarding NMSU health insurance for international students.

The cost of the insurance will be added to each student’s account.

Cost: $780.00 per semester

Living on-campus:  On-campus housing is available on first-come first-served basis for undergraduate students.  NMSU Housing & Residential Life provides comfortable, convenient and affordable options that cater to different levels of independence, lifestyle and ammenities.

Specific housing options for international students are available, for more information please consult the website.

Cost: $2,271-$3,580 per semester* 

*Students living in residence halls will most likely need to purchase a dining plan.  Please consult the website for prices.

Off-campus housing: Off-campus, there are many rental complexes in the immediate campus area, with rents ranging from $200 per month per person and up (usually these apartments require additional payments for utilities – electricity, gas, telephone etc., while these costs would be included in on-campus housing rates). Most of these are located just on the northern edge of campus on University Avenue or very near it (University Avenue runs east-west at the northern edge of campus), and make walking or cycling to campus very convenient. Apartments and apartment-sharing arrangements are usually easy to locate. Apartments can be located through local news sources and online.

Students on exchange have their tuition waived but are required to pay campus fees of $200.00 one time fee per exchange.

The average budget per month is: $800 – 900 

In order to be accepted, students must prove financial resources of $5,000.00 per semester.