Student Dorm Room

MICEFA has a limited number of places available in CROUS student residences with other international and French students. These dorm-styled rooms are located inside Paris, not on a specific campus. Rooms are singles, with basic furnishing , private bathrooms, and a corner kitchen. Prices are very affordable and range from 530€ – 650€ per month.

Single Apartment

For students looking to live on their own and get the real-life Paris feel, a single apartment is a great choice. From former maid’s quarters (chambre de bonne) to fully equipped studios, there are options for everyone. Depending on size, rents range from (650€ – 1000€+ per month (utilities not included).

Shared Apartment

“Coloc,” meaning shared apartment in French, is a great option for students wishing to live with friends or other students they meet during the intensive session. These more spacious apartments are usually shared between 2 or 3 students. Rents start at 800€ per month per student (utilities not included).

Room in a Parisian Apartment

For students looking for their own space but in a larger apartment, renting a room is the perfect solution. Many retirees rent their extra bedroom to students, offering an authentic living experience in Paris. Rent starts at 750€ per month (utilities not included). For students looking for a fuller immersion homestay experience, MICEFA works with a private provider who offers homestays and meal options. Starting at 850€+ per month (prices vary for optional meal plans).

Au Pair Family

This housing choice will bring you close to a family while offering the most affordable housing in Paris! Students are offered (or given a reduces price for) a private room in exchange for helping look after the family’s children! (Usually only available in Fall.)

How it Works!

The MICEFA is here to help you choose your housing when you arrive in Paris for your Exchange Program.

We will help you every step of the way ! One-on-one advising, help navigating the housing market in Paris, assistance calling landlords, scheduling visits and so much more! Through our listing of offers you will choose the right housing option for you and your budget!

Nomination and Acceptance to the MICEFA

You must first be nominated to the MICEFA through your Study Abroad office at your University. Once you have been accepted by MICEFA, the housing process can begin.

Start Thinking About the Housing Options

Look at the types of housing available and choose which housing works best for you. Possibilities will depend on your personal budget and the realities of the Paris housing market. Define your maximum rent budget per month, including utilities. Decide if you would like to explore housing through the MICEFA, or find housing outside the program. Check out the Temporary Housing Option.

MICEFA Contacts You via Email to Talk About Housing

Your program assistant will contact you with an online questionnaire to obtain your top housing choices and your budget. If you have chosen the Au Pair or homestay option, MICEFA can put you in contact with the families at this time. CROUS room allotments are usually announced prior to arrival in Paris.

Online Interview with MICEFA Staff to Talk About Housing

During your online interview with MICEFA you can ask questions and finalize the housing option that you are most interested in.

Arrival in Paris and Settle into Temporary Housing

Go to your temporary housing (if you have chosen this option through MICEFA). Get to know fellow MICEFA students and finalize your budget and choice before the housing workshops.

Housing Workshop at the MICEFA

For students having selected apartment options through the MICEFA housing listing, call landlords and set up visits. During this time MICEFA staff will be present to assist you.

Visit Different Options and Make Your Final Choice

Go visit at the actual housing option, see if it is what you were expecting and meet the landlord. Make your final housing choice!

Move In!

Move into your new home! MICEFA will be there if you need any help during the exchange. Inform the MICEFA of your housing choice.