Universities in Louisiana

Northwestern State University of Louisiana


University Information

Location: Natchitoches, Louisiana
Undergraduate Students: 10 000
Campus Type: Rural
Institution Type: Public university
Website: www.nsula.edu

About the University

American University is locateNorthwestern State University was established in 1884 in the old Bullard Mansion atop a hill overlooking the bustling river port city of Natchitoches. The campus grew as the school expanded from a two-year degree for teachers at Louisiana State Normal School to the four-year education degree at Louisiana Normal College in 1921. In 1944, the school became Northwestern State College and Northwestern State University in 1970.

Today, over 130 years later, three columns remain of the original structure on what is now called Normal Hill in a National Historic District. This location is the oldest continually occupied site for higher education in Louisiana. The campus expanded to the south and west as the school grew, and Northwestern State established satellite campuses in Shreveport, Alexandria and Fort Polk.

Northwestern State University is a responsive, student-oriented institution that is committed to the creation, dissemination, and acquisition of knowledge through teaching, research, and service. The University maintains as its highest priority excellence in teaching in graduate and undergraduate programs. Northwestern State University prepares its students to become productive members of society and promotes economic development and improvements in the quality of life of the citizens in its region.

Excerpt from Northwestern State University’s website.

TOEFL: 80/120

IELTS: 6,5

Health insurance is required of all full-time degree, resident, and international students with F1 and J1 visas.

Nortwestern University does not have an automatic plan, they recommend using one of the following for health insurance:

SEVEN CORNERS – Travel Insurance 

Tokio Marine HCC Medical Insurance Services Group 

To assist you in obtaining the required medical, evacuation, and repatriation insurance coverage as mentioned above, you may review the list provided by NAFSA Association of International Educators, of recommended companies that provide health insurance

These are others providers: ISOA or HCCMIS that offer health insurance. Health insurance costs vary based on age, healthcare needs and number of persons covered.

Students may choose instead to subscribe to the insurance proposed by MICEFA, AIG.  This plan has not been endorsed officially so please contact your International Student Advisor before purchasing.

Living on-campus: International students can choose to live on or off campus, depending of the length of time they are going to be enrolled in NSU, budget,and preference.  Students have two choices of dorms available: University Columns and University Place.

Cost: $665.00-1,200.00 per month

Off-campus Housing: Rental opportunities are varied in price, location, and availability. The following site is a good place to start looking for off-campus rental options.

You can also choose to share a house/apartment with other international students.

The average budget per month is: $400 – 500 

In order to be accepted, students must prove financial resources of $7,000.00 per semester.