Universities in Puerto Rico

Universidad de Puerto Rico


University Information

Locaction: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Founded: 1903
Undergraduate Students: 44 000
Campus Type: Urban
Institution Type: Public research institution 
Website: www.upr.edu

About the University

With more than a century and 11 units across the island (Aguadilla, Arecibo, Bayamón, Carolina, Cayey, Humacao, Mayagüez, Medical School, Ponce, Rio Pedras, Utuado), the University of Puerto Rico offers knowledge and first-class technologies for the advancement and development of quality of life of our society.

It has 456 undergraduate academic programs, master’s, doctoral, post doctorates, and associates degrees, continuing education and professional growth (see the list below for both Rio Pedras and Mayagüez).

Rio Pedras is leader in research at Puerto Rico and counts 29 different libraries specialized in various fields of study.

  • Facultad de Estudios Generales
  • Facultad de Administración de Empresas
  • Escuela de Arquitectura
  • Facultad de Ciencias Naturales
  • Facultad de Ciencias Sociales
  • Escuela de Derecho
  • Facultad de Educación
  • Facultad de Humanidades
  • Escuela de Comunicación
  • Escuela Graduada de Ciencias y Tecnologías de la Información
  • Escuela Graduada de Planificación

Mayagüez is one college with many international students and professors who belong to one of the schools :

  • Facultad de Artes y Ciencias,
  • Facultad de Ingeniería,
  • Facultad de Administración de Empresas
  • Facultad de Ciencias Agrícolas,

Mayagüez offers three unique programs in Puerto Rico: Bachillerato en Biotecnología Industrial, Maestría en Ciencias Marítimas, Doctorado en Ciencias Marítimas.

No TOEFL is needed as this is a primarily Spanish-speaking University.  Students will need an attestation of B2 level in Spanish certified by a university professor.  

Students must sign up for an appropriate approved plan to adhere to J1 visa requirements at UPR. 

Students can select a plan from the ones proposed at UPR, information can be found here.

Students may select the plan that suits their needs as long as it meets UPR requirements.  Plans that are often accepted can be found on the MICEFA Website

Living on-campus:  On-campus housing is guaranteed for exchange students.  The university recommends living on campus for security reasons and because it is difficult to find off campus housing.  

Students are housed off-campus in the Plaza Residence dorms.  For more information, visit the housing website.

Cost: $255.00 per month and a $255.00 deposit

Off-campus housing: Students can find their own housing off campus should they choose.  For information for housing off-campus, please see their guide

The average budget per month is: $400-500

In order to be accepted, students must prove financial resources of $6,500.00 per semester.