Universities in Virginia

University of Mary Washington


University Information

Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia
Founded: 1908
Undergraduate Students: 4 380
Campus Type: Suburban
Institution Type: Public institution 
Website: www.umw.edu

About the University

The University of Mary Washington is a public university in Virginia that focuses on undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences. The core of its main campus of roughly 4,000 mostly residential students in Fredericksburg, Virginia is the College of Arts and Sciences, which offers degrees in various liberal arts disciplines. The university began a BSN completion program in fall of 2014 to allow AS-prepared nurses to earn a bachelor’s degree in their field. A College of Education and a College of Business offer advanced degrees.

We are an academic community dedicated to the highest standards of scholarship, personal integrity, responsible conduct, and respect for the individual. In support of these ideals, we value:

  • Integrity. The importance of personal integrity is reinforced by our honor code.
  • Dignity and respect for all individuals, always
  • Diversity in our community
  • Intellectual inquiry in the pursuit of truth
  • Responsibility and leadership to help create the environment we strive to achieve.

We live up to these values and work to support our collective and individual successes.

Excerpt from the University of Mary Washington’s website.

TOEFL: 80/120

IELTS: 6,5

Health insurance is required of all full-time degree, resident, and international students with F1 and J1 visas.

You are required to purchase our university sponsored health insurance for the duration of your program.  We partner with iNext International Insurance, which provides accident and illness coverage.  Accident and illness insurance does not cover routine, general wellness visits.  Nor does it cover dental or vision exams. To view the insurance benefits, refer to iNext International Insurance. If you are a student-athlete, refer to the Scholar Plan Details.  All others should refer to the Essential Plan Details.

Rates per year are $166.00 per month*
*Exchange students & VLIs/VLCs rates will be prorated for the duration of their program.

Students may choose instead to subscribe to the insurance proposed by MICEFA, AIG if they have approval from UMW. 

Living on-campus: Students living on campus are considered “residential students” and International students are encouraged to live on campus. More information can be found on the Residence Life website.  

Cost: $3,074 – $5,576 per semester*
*Students living in the residence halls must purchase a meal plan, visit the website for more information. 

Off-campus housing: Students who live off campus are considered commuter students.  If, at any point, you decide you would like to live on campus, please contact CIE and we can assist you.  As a commuter student, we welcome you to make the CIE office a “home base” of sorts.  Although there are many resources available to you on the Commuter Student Services website, the CIE office is always open to you.  

The average budget per month is: $900 – $1,000 

In order to be accepted, students must prove financial resources of $6,787.00 per semester.

The University of Mary Washington has a Teaching Assistant position open that all MICEFA students have access to, this program also lets students study while on exchange.  Check it out on the Teaching Assistant page.